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The World of Tommorow with MINcom
Smart Solutions

As passionate IT experts for billing and payment processes, we are always up to date.In order to bring our vision to life, we support companies to become more customer-oriented, ecological, and at the same time more efficient with the help of their own billing software. At the top of our innovation pyramid is a self-regulating bonus system that rewards consumers for sustainable purchasing behavior, the Social BillingTM approach.


Billing Reconsidered

We believe in a sustainable world of tomorrow, but also in the regulatory power of the free market. Our vision is to combine both. With innovative software solutions, we want to offer customers exciting opportunities to use your services in a sustainable way.

Classic Billing & Payment Solutions

Implementation and rollout for your business models

Customer-Oriented Billing

Think billing the customer way

Social BillingTM

Humans are part of the solution.

Get your Custom Business Solutions

Our analysts express your business requirements in a way that is compatible with the billing platform you use. If you need a new or additional billing platform or service, we offer strategic consulting in the selection process.<br/>

We can manage your implementation project and support you in verification to ensure the result is compliant with your requirements.


We love to discuss your specific requirements with you.