Classic Billing & Payment Solutions

Our long experience in billing and payment gets you tailormade support to implement your business models. 

Billing and Payment

Billing goes far beyond calculus. Daily billing and usage data help you to know your customers’ preferences and to differentiate your offers, bundles and payment options to cover the needs from as many customers as you can serve.

We are passionate about Billing

Solutions Covering All Your Requirements

With decades of experience in different industries, we cover all your requirements in the area of billing and payment. No matter what challenge for your revenue stream comes your way: We are ready to be your reliable partner to get things done. 

Billing models

What do you want to offer? Just checkout in the classic shopping cart model? Subscriptions with limited or unlimited flat rates and pay per use for excess usage? Where do you determine prices ad discounts?

Sales Channels

What triggers the purchase or the consent to pay for usage? How do you address your customer and which organisations are responsible for communication in different touchpoints? How are customers invoiced, and how often? How do customers define their means of payment?


Which payment methods do you offer? Does this depend on the product or on the history of purchases and payments? What is the effort to add a new payment method with the payment service provider? What specific clearing cases does this entail?

Revenue Assurance and Creditworthiness

How do you handle payment problems (factoring, fees, dunning stages, debt collection)? Does this reduce availability of services for new and existing customers? How can customers get back to normal?

Accounting and Audits

Can your accounting handle services with contributions from multiple organizations? How do you deal with partial payments and partial refunds?

Legal Requirements

Do you plan sufficient time before go-live for process definition (e.g. termination, GDPR) and legal compliance of customer communication (e.g. terms & conditions, data privacy statement, templates for communication)?


We love to discuss your specific requirements.