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Innovation Based on Experience


In mobility, efficient use of resources is key. Whether we talk about roads and tunnels, a fleet of cars, busses, scooters or bicycles – a railroad, streetcar or metro line: All these mean significant investment with long lead times.

The efficient use of those investments and resources depends on human behaviour.

We help you to think mobility services the customer way and to ensure as many customers as possible can profit from your investment.


„Just imagine the sun sets, the air is calm, and everybody heads home to charge their EV.“

You can’t increase the renewable energy percentage beyond acertain point without new business and cooperation models among market participants. And you can’t offer those new business models with your old billing system.

We consult utilities on the offer and billing aspects of turning a planning regime into a control loop of supply and demand. All this while saving you money by encouraging sustainable behaviour of your customers.


Providing cloud resources is costly. For a cloud provider, utilisation of those resources and the services that build on them is key.

Complex cloud usage scenarios require transparent billing. On top of that, you can offer incentives for flexible customers to use your cloud when load is low.

We have experience in billing optimization for full service public cloud providers. We also know the customer view on the cloud invoice from our own use and from cloud transition projects.


When sensor networks and communications infrastructure are used by multiple parties, business models and billing have to ensure fair cost sharing. The business models should also support data intensive as well as low volume experimental applications.


Artifical Intelligence needs data providers for machine learning, customers requesting AI enhanced suggestions and experts with deep application knowhow who can tune AI algorithms. The investment into cloud infrastructure, learning and knowledge interpretations must be shared in a way that makes the offer attractive for as many contributors and users as possible.


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