Social Billing

Humans are part of the solution.

The Era of Social Billing

Expertise in billing and customer motivation helps to envision tomorrow’s world, but that is not sufficient. In today’s world we are planning prices, products and resources. To avoid congestion of demand, expensive excess capacities are deployed. When planning parameters change, it is often too late to adapt investment.

Social Billing involves human individuals in a control loop of sustainable resource use. The incentives offered to increase or decrease resource use aren’t set ahead of time, but are composed dynamically based on availability and customer behaviour. This creates a control loop made up by many partners.

In many industries Social Billing is possible today. AI will be introduced to improve the prediction how customers will react to changed incentives. This enables people to impress their behaviour on how the system works to ensure resources and investments are used well. We strengthen the ability of enterprises to create positive customer experiences at all times – with the help of their customers and partners.

We are passionate about Billing

Social Billing: Many Parts Combined Into a Solution

Social Billing™ takes your billing and customer expertise to the next level by integration billing solution with your technical and customer behaviour measurements. We help you to connect the experience dots.


Usually, supply and demand data are already available in your systems. Often, this data is evaluated to stabilize the technical systems and to optimize the long-term offer values.


Measured data has to be extrapolated, but onlyfor a short timespan, to compose real time short term offers that are attractive and profitable.

Adapt Your Offer

Social Billing reacts to data on supply and use of services with new time-variant offers. AI helps us to improve the prediction how offer changes will impact demand. This makes the Social Billing™ control loop both stable and cost efficient.


Partners can provide significant leverage both in service delivery and in enhancing the customer motivation. The greater your customer coverage in your region, the more attractive you are for partners. This is good news for utilities, municipalities and public transport providers.


Money isn't everything. And money as the sole motivation for sustainable behaviour is too expensive. A dynamic mix of gamification and monetary benefits creates new opportunities for customer loyalty and optimized return on investments.

Sustainability Motivation

A large portion of the population is supporting sustainability and willing to contribute to that goal if there is a simple way to do that. This constitutes a stron non-monetary driver for optimal use of resources - and you can put this driving force to work with Social Billing.


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