Business and Process Consulting

Due to process inefficiency, your delays scale exponentially …


Before you start changing anything, you should have a clear picture of what is wrong…
It would be our honor to support you analyzing your business, organization, R&D processes and tools for potential weak points.
We offer:
  • Process efficiency weak points analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Improvement Plans based on CMMI and ITIL
  • Assessment of metrics and efficiency
  • Customer centric process consulting
We offer to use your product/services to be examined during a real operation.
In case we would face any problems (and in most cases we will) – based on our findings we would go into your detailed process design and implementation and see what can be improved.
Hence coming from the customer side, the process improvements will be customer relevant and immediately visible to your customers and improve their customer experience and satisfaction!
  • Assessment for IEEE Benchmark “Project and Process Efficiency” — refer to IEEE benchmark
  • Refer detailed list of our PM, process and business consultants
Solid assessment is the base for improvement!
All our customers come back to us for new projects — why don’t you give it a try?
Our business philosophy is: “We help you improving your business quality and efficiency!”
Your success with our Seamless QM consulting services and tools is the benchmark for our success, and the basis for a long-term,
mutually profitable business relationship.
Even increasing your efforts and the team size by a factor of 10, will not fully compensate the efficiency and time loss caused by inconsistent and not optimized business or R&D processes.
Nothing demotivates your team morale more than “wasting” time to compensate process or tool weakness or “fighting” media breaks in the process and tools.
Time lost in the early phase of projects cannot be compensated in later stages – project delays and increased cost will be the “natural” consequence.
Processes and tools which are “optimized for efficiency” deliver the right information, in the right place at the right time!
So does SeamlessSuite from Seamless QM: it provides “optimized for efficiency”, fully integrated and license free PM/QM platform.
So, efficient processes mean:
  • lower price
  • faster implementation
  • higher quality
  • higher team motivation and productivity
  • predictable results
  • and most important: satisfied customers!
  • Refer detailed list of our PM and business consultants
Our creativity and our experience are at your service.
All our customers come back to us for new projects — why don’t you give it a try?